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***Each team’s coach or an authorized representative must sign an online waiver before the team may participate in any tournament during the “season” which is defined as Winter, Spring or Summer.***
Extra Special Pricing

Contact us at 479-462-4922 if you want to consider Extra Special Pricing for our Tournaments!  These can give you the option to play any of our events for a lower cost per team/club! 

Tournament Gate Fees: We charge $10 per adult, $8 per grandparent, and $5 for students 3rd grade and up.

Additional Info:

  • Multi-team discounts available for some tournaments, contact us today to find out if you qualify!
  • Each team is allowed only 2 coaches and one scorekeeper pass per day. No exceptions.
  • We will award no more than 10 medals, trophies, t-shirts, rings etc. per team.

Fall/Winter Season Oct 1 – Feb 28
-3 game guarantee tournaments cost $165 individually.

Spring/Summer Season March 1 – July 31
-3 game guarantee tournaments cost $165 individually with the exception of Roundball for Rings Tournaments which are $185 each.

Rules & Regulations
Deadline to enter a Tournament is Wednesday the week of the event. A deposit of $50 is due through our website or with CashApp to $ESPBBALL by Wednesday at Noon to reserve your team a spot in the tournament. All fees are nonrefundable.

A late fee of $35 will be assessed on all registrations that are not completed and submitted by the deadline of Wednesday midnight. All fees are nonrefundable.

Players may not play for more than one team in the same division. The player may play “up” in the same tournament for two different teams as long as they are in two different divisions.

*** We require all coaches carry proof of all players current grade. No exceptions! Acceptable documents include a school ID with the year & current grade along with picture ID, school yearbook. Birth certificates are NOT acceptable as they do not proof grade player is currently in.

If a coach or team chooses to file a protest because they feel another team is playing ineligible players, a $50 payment is due at the time of the protest. If the protest proves to be legitimate, the payment will be refunded. If the protest is NOT legitimate, the payment is non refundable.

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